Game:             Catacombs Game (1776) (with source code, for windows machine only):

Design Doc: Catacombs Design Doc (3219)

Tech Doc:    Catacombs Tech Doc (1933)

PPT:             Final Game Presentation (1830)   Early Concept Pitch (1735)

Feedback:   Questionnaire 1 (1769)  Questionnaire 2 (1601)  (If you enjoy the game and fill up the questionnaires and send them to We’ll be very appreciated.)


Catacombs Setup


1. After you have unzipped the file, open the Catacombs subdirectory. Click on machine.exe to start the game.

2. The player that is planning to be the client should click on the IP Address menu option and enter their opponents IP and press enter.

3. Both players should click on NEW GAME.

4. The player that entered the IP should select CLIENT and the other player should select HOST. Be sure to pick different characters as starting a game as the same character causes a lot of problems. A fix for this is in our wish list. Once you have selected your character and network role, click on START. It will look like the game is frozen. It is actually trying to create a connection.

5. You will have noticed that when you started the game, an additional console window will have popped up. You will see some print outs saying listening or trying to connect. It will continue like this until a connection is created.

6. Once connection created successfully the game starts.

7. After a player has won, you can press the R key to take you back to the character selection menu.

8. You can pick your characters again here.

Currently the tutorial levels are not working properly.

If you experience any problems getting the game set up, please leave us a comment.

Important Note: Lag can be an issue. We have found the wireless around campas to be a little less than reliable. It might be better to connect directly with ethernet cables.

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